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       Konstantin Preslavski High School of Humanity and Arts is situated in the third biggest town in Bulgaria-Varna, located on the North coast of the Black sea. There are 1536 students from fifth to twelfth grade (aged 11-19) with wide and different creative potential. The staff consists of 135 qualified teachers, who take care of developing and fostering students' skills and talents. Education is profiled in three directions: Humanity (Bulgarian Language and Literature, History and Philosophy), Foreign language training and Arts (painting, music, Bulgarian traditional folkdance). The school board and students' council are essential parts of school life. Annually an Almanac, which consists of students' and teachers' poetry and creative works, is published. Every year a national conference in Literature, Philosophy and History is organised where students from schools in Bulgaria take part together with guest lecturers from university partners. Various meetings between students and famous artists, musicians, traditional May festivals and annual school concerts are carried out in the school.

       The school has been working on international projects for almost 10 years and coordinated some of them as well. This school year two of them were finished - "Migrants in the world history and woman's role in it" and "We all art, art and health". But three others were approved -"Past and Current Migration in Europe", "Exploring Europe" and "The Future of the Foreign Language Teaching". The Erasmus + project "Signs of the Times" is in its third year.