Good practices Bulgaria

One of the issues students have worked on is the contribution of Bulgarian immigrants to the world. Bulgaria is a small country and many Bulgarians immigrate, believing they can create a better life abroad. Some of these people succeed and become world-famous - either for their personal qualities or for their inventions and work. Maybe you know some of them but don't know they are Bulgarians. For example: In an accident, your car is smashed as a coca-cola can, but you are alright, just a few scratches on your forehead and a bruise on your knee. You are safe and sound thanks to your airbags invented by Assen Jordanoff, the most famous Bulgarian pilot. Neils Armstrong, the first man on the Moon  says: "As to me and as all of the other American pilots we learned how to fly from Assen Jordanoff",

We can mention Christo Yavashev, .... Nina Dobrev... and etc.

In English classes, students have worked on the topic in Bulgarian literature and immigration. For instance "Little Cloud of White" is a poem by Ran Bosilek, The song is also known as a kind of anthem of the Bulgarians in exile. The writer wrote the poem in 1916 out of nostalgia for his homeland while studying law in Brussels. Students discuss the feelings that this song evokes, what they associate it with.

Virtual exhibition with Famous people quotes. You can visit it at the link. Students collected thoughts about migration, migrants refugees..