Project Erasmus+ "Past and current migration movements in Europe" in Poland

On the days of 2-6.03.2020 Zespół Szkół im. Jana Kasprowicza in Jelcz-Laskowice worked on the project. The partner schools were from Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium and Turkey. The school from Turkey did not arrive to Poland due to the on going Covid-19 pandemic. Polish coordinators and caregivers were Ms Anna Michalik, Mr Tadeusz Babski and Ms Katarzyna Stala-Kondrakiewicz. Polish students were to prepare an exhibition about Polish migration movements. Students together with their caregivers visited the district of four denominations (Dzielnica Czterech Wyznań) in Wrocław. In this area, in close neigbournood four sanctuaries of different faith are located. They are the orthodox, roman catholic, evangelical and synagog churches. Wrocław is a symbol of many cultures and nationalities. During the course of the project there was a trip to the interactive history centre "Zajezdnia" in Wrocław. Also, in the town and commune office in Jelcz-Laskowice a discussion about migration in Poland took place. The town major Mr Bogdan Szczęśniak welcomed our foreign guests and gave a speech about polish migration history and about todays migrants in the town. Students had an opportunity to listen to stories told by Siberians, elders, who during the world war II were sent to Siberia. Today they are witnesses of those times. There were very touching moments. A similar meeting took place with the country executive of Oława Mr Zbigniew Brezdeń. Our visitors watched an interview made by polish students with migrants in Poland. People migrated to Katar in Arabian Island, the UK, Ireland and the Republic of South Africa.There were also those who returned to Poland. In our school there is a decent group of Ukrainian students. Some of them were invoived in the project. Workshops about migration conducted by Ms Katarzyna Stala-Kondrakiewicz, an english teacher, took place in our school. For integration purposes an international shooting competition took place on the local shooting range that was acompanied by a barbeque. Our foreign guests had the opportunity to try out polish cousine in numerous bars and restaurants. For our final day a goodbay party was held. Students dance and enjoyed themeselves together. Coordinators along with the school principal Ms Agnieszka Żak gave the students certificates of participation in the project. We thanked everyone for the enjoyable and touching moments spent together.

First day at school

A visit to the Staroste of the Oławski Poviat

Zajezdnia- Wroclaw history centers

Goodbye Party