İstanbul Ticaret Odası Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi( Science and Art Education Center) is a public school

which gives supportive education only to the gifted and talented students at the age of 8-17.There

are about 1000 students at school and 28 teachers.The school is located in an industrial area of

Marmara Region. Many of the children come from families both at risk of socio-economic exclusion

and wealthy ones.So the students come from different social and economical backgrounds. The

families are mainly Turkish emigrants who have migrated to the metropolitan city of İstanbul from

east of Turkey with the hope of a better life. The school also has many refugees and immigrants from

countries such as Bulgaria,Greece,Russia etc. We have few children from ethnic minorities, so this

project will help to raise awareness of other countries, cultures and traditions. One of the aims of the

school with this project is to enhance the European Dimension and Global Citizenship in the

curriculum of each of the partner schools, helping to break down racial stereotyping. The school

gives education for only those who need special education. The students need this special education

because they are highly gifted or talented. They take IQ test to be able to come to this school. Our

pupils will have opportunities to learn about the children in our partner schools; and communicate

and share learning experiences with them. In this way we will all learn about the similarities

between our schools and cultures; and celebrate the differences. We will develop global citizenship

and a European dimension to the curriculum and develop pupil's social skills and team work.The

vision and the mission of the school is to develop and increase the skills of special talented students

with individualized, enriched, differentiated, accelerated project-centered education practices and

raise happy individuals for the peace and development of the universe.